Earn A Fair Child Support Order In Your Divorce

Child support is not a tool to be used against an ex-spouse, it is a resource that a parent with majority or sole custody of the children needs to provide their kids with the best possible life that they deserve. When you are looking to earn a fair child support amount to raise your children, either as the recipient or the parent paying, you need to be prepared to put up a strong fight if things turn ugly.

Here at First Point Law Group PC, we have been fighting to earn what our Virginia clients need most to move forward in the next chapter of their lives after the divorce. We have seen these cases go smoothly, and we have seen them turn ugly. We prepare for the worse and hope for the best when we represent your family.

How Custody Should Be Established

Here in Virginia, there is a common calculation that goes into determining the value of child support. While there can be some variance depending on each case, factors of child support include:

  • Income of each parent
  • If either parent pays another child support
  • The cost of family health insurance paid by each parent
  • Day care costs

If we cannot reach an agreement on agreeable terms, we are prepared to take your case before a judge to determine a fair support.

It Is Not Too Late To Modify Your Support Order

We know that life can change overnight. Sometimes the cost of raising your children increases dramatically, or maybe you lose your main source of income unexpectedly. When things like this happen, you can pursue a modification to your child support decree. You deserve to have a child support that keeps accuracy based on your changing life, and we can help you earn it.

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