Defense Against Resisting Arrest Charges

The line between defending your personal rights and resisting arrest seems to blur more and more with each passing day. Standing up for yourself should not be penalized here in Virginia or anywhere else in our country. If you have received charges for resisting arrest, you should never simply accept your charges, and an experienced attorney is just what you need.

We at First Point Law Group PC have been helping our clients fight back against these injustices for years. It is our privilege to be able to represent those in need in even the most complicated defense cases against resisting arrest and other criminal defense charges.

Defending You Against Police Overreach

When police officers cross the line between protecting the public and into infringing on their rights, someone needs to hold them accountable for their actions. We review all of their actions during your arrest to determine if there are any grounds for dismissal of your charges. Our goal is to defend the rights of the people from aggressive and abusive police officers.

No matter what circumstances lead to your resisting arrest charges, you have the right to protect yourself from these charges by choosing an experienced attorney to fight for you. Every conviction on your record only sets you up for more difficulties in your future, so do not settle for a half victory when you can fight for everything.

Begin Your Fight With Experience On Your Side

You have the right to defend yourself, and we can help you do it. If you are in the Fairfax area and are looking for experienced representation to fight for your best interest, contact us today. Call us at 703-884-2253 or email us here to take the first step in protecting your rights and your freedom.