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If you have been charged and or arrested in the past, then you should be concerned with the information that is provided to the public. Potential employers, landlords and etc. can find your criminal history very easily with the Virginia General District Court Case Information System. There is potential you can do something about your record. Every situation is unique. This is why you should contact an experienced Virginia expungement lawyer to see what your options are.

Why Should I Expunge a Record?

Mary gets arrested, charged and then convicted. Jason was acquitted of a crime. They both have the same problem, it’s permanently on their record. A potential employer asked Mary of any criminal charges, she answers yes and she is turned down. Jason’s potential landlord asked the same question, he is denied. They both have the same problem. Hence the reason to expunge your record.

Other reasons may include:

  • College or University enrollment
  • Obtaining approval to serve as a volunteer, especially if working with children
  • Clients who hire a self-employed individual

Virginia Code Section 19.2-392.2 covers three situations: a judge or jury found the person not guilty of the original charge; the commonwealth attorney moved for a dismissal without prejudice, called nolle prosequi; or the charge was otherwise dismissed.

How Can I View My Criminal Record?

A specific application — referred to as a Criminal History Record Check — will need to be submitted, and can be obtained from the local police department as well as the Virginia State Police. There is also an internet form you can use for expediency. A small fee will be required, and the application should be sent to:

Virginia State Police
Central Criminal Records Exchange
P.O. Box 85076
Richmond, VA 23261

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