A Strong Defense Against Any Level Of Drug Crimes

Drug crime convictions are especially serious here in Virginia. The outcome of a conviction can have lasting consequences that will affect you for the rest of your life. This is why it is so crucial to build your best possible defense against these charges with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Here at First Point Law Group PC, we have been serving the people of the Fairfax area for years. We know what it takes to use our negotiation and litigation skills to bring our clients the best possible outcome in their cases. A good lawyer does not settle for less, and in your case neither should you. We represent clients who are facing state and federal drug crimes.

Begin Preparing Your Defense Today

With any criminal charge, getting an attorney can only improve your chances of beating your charges. The sooner you act to build your defenses, the more time you give your attorney to beat your charges. We have years of experience in representing clients in all kinds of charges such as possession, manufacturing and trafficking.

There is more than one way to beat drug charges. If the arresting officer made a major error in your arrest, it could be grounds for dismissal. We also explore options to have the charges dropped or reduced. Each client has a unique set of circumstances to their case, and we take all the time needed to understand every detail of it in hopes of gathering every piece of evidence that can help your case.

Do Not Wait Another Day To Secure Your Future

Rug charges can impact your ability to earn employment or house loans, keep your license, and even shackle you with heavy fines and time in jail. Let an experienced attorney be the one to fight for your freedom and future.

Contact our Fairfax office to set up your first meeting with an attorney you can count on receiving the compassion and respect you deserve. We are just a phone call away at 703-884-2253 or a quick email here. Act today so we can defend your tomorrow.