When you split from your spouse, you may worry about the cost of maintaining a separate household. Perhaps you left the workforce to raise children, care for the family home or support your spouse’s career. 

If you find yourself in this situation in Virginia, learn more about asking the court for spousal support. 

Types of Virginia spousal support

You can ask the judge for temporary support while you and your spouse finalize the divorce. After the divorce, Virginia offers both rehabilitative and permanent support. With rehabilitative support, you can receive payments while you pursue education or job training to become self-supporting. The state rarely awards permanent support unless you cannot support yourself because of age, mental or physical disability, or extended time out of the workforce. 

Factors in Virginia spousal support awards

When determining a fair amount of spousal support, the judge will review the factors that led to the end of the marriage. The court also requires full financial disclosure from both you and your spouse. Some of the factors considered in the final award include: 

  • The physical and mental health of you and your spouse 
  • How long the marriage lasted 
  • The assets and debts each of you will receive in the divorce agreement 
  • The standard of living you shared with your spouse during the marriage 
  • The income each of you can currently earn  
  • How each of you contributed to the well-being of the family, including both financial and nonfinancial contributions 

If you and your spouse have a valid prenuptial agreement with terms about spousal support, the court will abide by those terms.