There have been news stories in various locations where men have faced indecent exposure charges for going to the bathroom in public. It is something that men may wonder about when it comes to their risk of facing such charges. After all, an indecent exposure conviction could result in a person being out on the sexual offender registry, so it is a serious charge.

FindLaw explains that it highly depends on the circumstances of the specific situation as to whether a person could face indecent exposure charges. In general, this charge is a result of intentionally exposing the genitals in public, but a person should carefully look at Virginia law to determine how it relates to their situation.

One note

The concern about indecent exposure can apply to women and men. However, it is more common for men to face such charges, especially in a situation involving going to the bathroom outside. It is worth noting that the Code of Virginia does apply an exemption to women when breastfeeding, making this not illegal or a form of indecent exposure.

The law

To be indecent exposure, an incident requires the exposure to be intentional. An accidental reveal of genitals, such as would happen if pants fell down, does not come under this element of the law.

It also requires that the situation include an obscene display or exposure of private parts. Other parts of the body do not equal indecent exposure.

Finally, indecent exposure may occur in public or in private. It only requires the presence of others who feel offense to the display.

If a person urinates in any situation where others may see his or her genitally, then it very well could fall under the label of indecent exposure.