All states have some variety of indecent exposure law, but it is important to understand the ones that are specific to Virginia.

Indecent exposure can be a crime an individual person commits or a crime that multiple people commit. According to FindLaw, indecent exposure in Virginia involves exposing private parts in a public space.

What are the specifics of indecent exposure? 

Lawmakers wrote this to be purposely vague. Indecent exposure involves an individual or individuals exposing his/her/their private parts in a public area, or a place where other people are present to view the act. Indecent exposure may include acts like masturbation, sexual intercourse with another person or persons or any other kind of exhibitionism.

If the courts charge and convict you of indecent exposure, you could spend up to 12 months in jail. Fines are also associated with indecent exposure charges, typically no more than $2,500.

There are additional penalties if the incident involves minors under the age of 15. In this case, trying to convince a minor to expose his or her private parts is a felony and not a misdemeanor. This charge involves advanced fines and may require 10 years in prison.

Are there any exceptions? 

Breastfeeding is a specific act that Virginia excludes from indecent exposure laws. If you are engaging in consensual sex or masturbation, it is a good idea to ensure that you are doing so in a private, indoor area with the curtains closed. Choosing to go nude in your own home may expose you to indecent exposure charges if somebody can see you through your windows.