Going through a divorce is bound to provide you with new opportunities to regain your independence and reconsider your goals for the future. If you share children with your former spouse in Virginia, the challenges you face may bring uncertainty about how to continue raising your children.

While you have more than one option for arranging custody, shared parenting boasts many benefits that can enrich the lives of you and your children.

Sharing custody increases support

Your relationship has ended and now you are in the throes of raising children on your own. Fortunately, just because your marriage has ended does not mean your ex is a bad parent. Being able to see beyond your disdain for your relationship and recognizing the capability and influence of your ex as a parent may help you to maintain a cordial and respectful relationship. With the assistance of your ex, you can continue to raise your children together and provide them with a better balance. Having the support of each other may enable you and your ex to continue parenting effectively despite the changes to your relationship.

Advantages for you and your children

According to verywellfamily.com, there are many valuable benefits to shared custody including the following:

  • You have increased opportunities to date and socialize.
  • You gain an increased appreciation for your children when you are apart.
  • You have incentive to create and abide by a structured routine.
  • You have ample time for self-reflection and growth.
  • You can focus on growing and improving your career and skills.
  • You can equally share the parenting duties and financial responsibilities of raising children.

These advantages may provide your children with a better life because you have the resources to be an effective, patient and motivated parent.