The law takes a hard stance when it comes to those convicted of sexual offenses. There is a movement to continue to increase penalties and introduce new penalties for such offenders. Due to this movement, there are many requirements placed on those convicted of sexual offenses, many of which those with convictions may not be aware.

The Virginia State Police explain the biggest requirement is registration for the sexual offender registry. Once a court convicts a person, he or she only has three days to register. Further punishment could occur if the person does not register in time. In addition, a person has three days to report any changes, including name and address changes. However, the registry is not the only strict rule.


Some people on the registry, cannot participate in trick-or-treat activities. If a person does, he or she could face penalties. Participation may include handing out candy or leaving a porch light on during trick-or-treat times.


Anyone on the register must also submit to a photograph every two years. This photograph must include the person’s face and shoulders and must be in color. In addition, the picture cannot include other people and must have a label with the name and date of the photo.

Internet use

According to the Virginia State Law Portal, those with a sexual conviction must provide law enforcement with his or her email address. In addition, the person must give law enforcement his or her screen names and other identifying information used on the internet. A person may also have to provide law enforcement access to work-related emails and user names.