You have spent years building your career, and the thought of losing that progress may never cross your mind until you face a charge for driving under the influence. What kind of impact will a DUI have on your present and future professional aspirations? 

An arrest for DUI may leave you with an uncertain future. While a charge will not necessarily show on your record, a conviction most certainly will. It may help to understand some of the impacts a conviction may have on your job, so you can prepare to mount a defense to fight it. 

Security clearance 

If you work in the government or for a business that requires you to have security clearance, the agency or company will usually investigate your background when you receive the job and then periodically throughout your employment. Because you did not have a DUI upon hiring, chances are, your employer will only become aware of it at your next review. However, depending on your position and the type of clearance you hold, you may have to legally report the arrest and charge while the case is ongoing. 

Unless there are mitigating circumstances surrounding the charge, such as a vehicular accident, there is a good chance your employer will not revoke your clearance. However, this is contingent on the terms of your employment. 

Ethical issues 

Some jobs come with a high standard of ethics attached. Even those without background checks may demand more restraint of employees. If your employment contract includes a morality clause, there is a chance that your employer may terminate upon conviction. These choices often rest with someone who has complete discretion and may make the decision based on personal belief or experience. 

In some instances, any criminal charge is a reason for dismissal, and since a DUI is a crime, you may face termination. With the right defense, you may be able to avoid the negative effects a conviction can have on your career.