Most people are aware that divorces are difficult emotionally. After all, the majority of couples get legally united with the intent of staying together forever. 
Of course, the divorce rates in the US and across the world are evidence that this is not the case. However, one of the more overlooked aspects of the divorce process is how expensive it can be. Fortunately, there are ways to make divorce cheaper. According to Forbes Magazine, one of the reasons a traditional divorce is so expensive is that clients do not have their financial records organized. 
Why are finances so important? 
The majority of divorce focuses on finances. It is no secret that the most contentious aspects of many divorces are child support, alimony payments, and property division. All of these assets must be fully documented and understood in order to move forward with the divorce process. 
Since this is the case, lawyers spend more than half of their time organizing the finances of their clients. Clients who already have their financial assets documented and in order will find that their divorces go much quicker and are far less expensive. 
How else can I save money? 

Having comprehensive electronic documentation of your assets is better than having paper documentation, given that paper documents cost more to process. Additionally, try to contact your divorce lawyer through email rather than phone when possible. Lawyers charge by the hour in the majority of circumstances, and email takes less time to respond to then a phone call. While it is natural to want emotional support during your divorce, it is better to not pay your lawyer for that.