When people in Virginia think about armed robberies, they usually imagine them happening at gunpoint. With all of the buzz about gun violence in America, it is easy to forget about the danger that can be posed by other weapons. 

While guns can be fatal from a long distance, they are not the only weapon people use to commit crimes. Knives can be particularly dangerous up close. When wielded by a skilled user, a knife can be deftly used to cause significant injury. If someone is facing a criminal wielding a knife, it is usually safer to acquiesce to their demands rather than trying to fight back. 

This is the choice that was made by the staff at a Richmond Food Mart on March 31st. ABC 8 News reports that two men escaped from the store on foot after taking an undisclosed amount of cash. According to police, both men entered the store with knives and threatened the store clerks, demanding that they hand over money. 

The robbery is still being investigated by authorities, so not all of the details are available yet. The Richmond Food Mart where the robbery took place is said to be located near the Jefferson Davis Highway, on the 6500 block. 

People who have been targeted by a burglary may find themselves feeling unsafe in even normal situations. It is possible to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder after such an incident, let alone the potential injuries that could be sustained if things became violent. 

It may be possible for people who have been victims of violent crimes to obtain financial compensation. In such instances, it may be helpful to speak with an attorney in the local area who practices criminal law.