When students begin attending college in Virginia, a lot is on their mind. But how to react to a DUI charge is likely not among those things. Many college students make the mistake of treating DUI charges like they are not serious. 

In reality, a DUI charge may turn into a DUI conviction. A DUI conviction has the potential to end your college career. Today, we will look at how DUI convictions may impact your college life. We will see why you should take a DUI charge seriously from the start. 

DUI convictions and your college 

The College Investor discusses the impact of DUI convictions on college students. Their stance is strong: they believe DUI convictions can ruin a student’s college life. First of all, it can end your financial support. After you get a DUI conviction, police inform your school. The college decides how they want to handle you after that. For many, offering financial support to a student with a criminal record is not an option. They may cut scholarships, monetary rewards and other financial benefits. 

Next, they may remove you from on-campus housing. This does not mean they ban you from the school. But you must seek your own shelter and pay for it by your own means. For some students, this is not financially possible. Because they cannot find housing, they must leave. 

Worst case scenarios 

In extreme cases, colleges may expel a student from school if they get a DUI conviction. Other colleges may also refuse to take on a student with a conviction on their record. This makes it hard for a student to continue their schooling. 

There is also a stigma attached to DUI convictions. Having one can ruin your social life as well. If they revoke or suspend your license, you will also miss out on many social activities. On a whole, a DUI conviction affects more areas of your life than many students think.