When it comes to child support, there are a host of factors to think about and every couple is in a unique situation. Sometimes, people are unable to pay what they owe because of the recent loss of a job or a health crisis they suffered. In other instances, some people cannot make their payments because of irresponsible behavior, such as a gambling problem or even a refusal to pay what they owe. On the other hand, some non-custodial parents who have to make payments worry about the way in which their ex is using the money they receive. For example, some people become worried that a custodial parent has a drug problem and spends child support to fuel their habit. 

Either way, it is imperative to explore your options and look for a sensible solution to the child support problems you are facing. If your ex is missing payments because of irresponsible behavior, looking into options with respect to enforcement is a smart move. On the other hand, if you have reason to believe that your former partner is misusing your child support payments in a way that endangers the well-being of your child, this also requires further examination. 

Some people benefit from the modification of a child support order if payments are missed due to financial matters, while others are able to access the funds they are counting on by pursuing child support enforcement. Our law office sees many different issues related to child support and we know how stressful these problems are. Visit our site to read more on other family law topics.