Nowadays apps like Tinder are becoming more popular for people to meet up. When a Tinder date goes well, you expect to go home afterwards without any worries. What happens when the Tinder date accuses you of date rape? 

When using apps like Tinder, you do have an advantage, given that you have records of your conversations with the date. For instance, say that you talked about your encounter before and after the event and everything points to a consensual encounter. This is the best case scenario for your case. 

Negotiations with the prosecution need to happen early, preferably before facing official charges. An aggressive approach is the best way to face sex crimes and no doubt the most effective. When it comes to date rape, the following is the definition: forced sexual intercourse when one party happens to be under the influence of drugs or is unconscious. 

To face date rape charges, the defendant must prove that you drugged him or her or knew about his or her state. When it comes to date rape drug tests, Buzzfeed News found irregularities with the drug testing procedures and crime labs. There are no national standards for the drugs tested, the types of screening or the amount of drugs that counts as a positive. 

Given the amount of flaws in date rape drug testing, it is highly possible that a person can test positive or negative when it is not true respectively. Date rape is a serious charge, but there are defenses available. More information about sexual assault and other crimes are available on your web page.