When someone is charged with driving under the influence, many aspects of their life become unclear, especially in the immediate future. For example, people worry about how the charges will affect their job and their reputation in the community. When someone is charged with driving under the influence for a second time (or a third time), this is especially true and more serious concerns arise with respect to the consequences of the case. Many people spend time behind bars as a result of multiple DUI charges and the penalties are very severe. 

Unfortunately, there are various reasons why people are especially likely to face DUI charges for a second time. Some people struggle with alcohol addiction and have difficulty functioning in daily life, which is particularly true with operating vehicles. Even when someone is barely over the legal limit, the repercussions of a drunk driving case are far more serious if past DUI charges are on one’s record. Every drunk driving case requires a careful approach since the impact on one’s life is significant, but this is especially true for those who already have a DUI on their record. 

Sometimes, people who are charged with drunk driving again have familiarity with the legal system and are able to prepare for what lies ahead. However, no amount of preparation helps those who do not have a firm understanding of their options and different strategies to secure a better outcome. Our law office recognizes how much pressure people experience during these tough cases and we provide more info on DUI charges on our blog.