In the digital era, many people have found that finding potential partners has become somewhat easier thanks to a host of apps that connect people within their city and across the world. However, meeting up with strangers on dating apps carries a certain level of risk. Not only do some people have to worry about being assaulted or robbed, but there has been an increasing number of people who have been falsely accused of wrongdoing by the person they met up with. Regrettably, false allegations of sexual assault have shattered many lives, and those who find themselves accused may have a very hard time defending themselves against lies. 

There are many reasons why someone may falsely accuse someone of rape after a date. Some people may regret their actions, even though no crime was committed, and they decide to bring down the other person’s life by claiming that they were sexually assaulted. Or, someone may target prospective partners with the intention of destroying their lives. They may even collaborate with others who have a grudge against a particular individual and conspire to destroy their life by falsely accusing them of sexual assault. 

Those who wrongly claim to be sexual assault victims may be prepared for court prior to meeting a date that they plan on throwing under the bus. They may prepare all sorts of false evidence to use against the person and it can be incredibly hard for those who face charges in such a situation to stand up for their legal rights. Explore our website to read more about false allegations of sexual assault.