Has anyone ever told you to “trust your intuition,” or have you ever heard the phrase, “Where there is smoke, there is fire?” Often, when one party within a marriage suspects that a partner is cheating, those suspicions wind up being valid. If you have concerns about the faithfulness of your significant other, it may prove wise for you to investigate further.  

Not all signs of cheating are as obvious as, say, lipstick on the collar. However, when many more subtle signs of possible cheating manifest all at once, it may be an indication that your spouse is stepping out. If you suspect that your spouse may be romantically involved with someone else, be on the lookout for these possible signs.  

Mysterious charges and expenses  

In many cases, spouses catch their partners cheating after noticing something unusual with regard to finances. Carrying on an affair can involve hotel arrangements, restaurant reservations and similar charges, so if you start noticing money missing from your accounts, recognize that it could be a potential sign of infidelity.  

Stints of unreachability  

If your normally highly responsive spouse suddenly stops answering his or her phone or returning texts or emails, ask yourself why. An abrupt change in responsiveness could mean your spouse is focusing his or her time and attention on someone other than you 

Increased hostility toward you 

It is fairly common for a cheating spouse to “project” his or her behavior onto the loyal one. If your husband or wife is cheating, he or she may start accusing you of being the one to do so. He or she may, too, exhibit more hostility toward you than is typical, even if you have done nothing to provoke him or her.  

While these signs may indicate that your spouse is being unfaithful, keep in mind that your spouse may exhibit these behaviors and not, in fact, be cheating. Under these circumstances, though, these actions may signify that something else is amiss within your relationship.