When you hit the roads in Virginia without sleeping well enough beforehand, you may actually be putting more on the line than you first think. Attorney Jad Sarsour is here today to discuss the true dangers of driving while drowsy and how it can have a permanent impact on your life and the lives of those around you. 

Drowsy driving is often considered a form of reckless driving. Accordingly, the legal repercussions can be quite severe. This is because the dangers that you face and potentially cause could have been easily avoided had you decided not to participate in the action that caused it. In this case, combating drowsy driving is as simple as not getting behind the wheel if you are tired. 

Unfortunately, it is such a common behavior that many people don’t even realize just how dangerous it is. This leads to countless crashes every day that are a result of a driver not being able to focus to their fullest because they are practically dozing off at the wheel. 

The penalties for drowsy driving differ and depend on what the behavior resulted in. For example, speeding while falling asleep at the wheel will typically result in a speeding ticket. However, if you end up getting into a crash that seriously harms other people, you may face much more serious charges like reckless endangerment or vehicular assault. 

If you are currently facing the repercussions of drowsy driving and charges related to it, consider taking a look at our web page on reckless driving to learn more about the defense you may need.